Hacking Alarm Pfft

As Understanding of Russian Hacking Grows, So Does Alarm


The internet, like a spoken and written language, was begun as a limited-access tool to communicate with others, gradually becoming more complex underneath its surface convenience.

It is that esoteric underneath, known, practiced, repaired, advanced and in its essentials secretized, and has now become vulnerable to technicians able to declassify secrets by invading electronic channels, and by bypassing cryptographic barriers to access of the most vital operating elements.

Now what? Perhaps follow the lead of language to develop a new arcane method of signaling, from grunts, say, to yodeling or barking or semaphoring or gesturing or tap dancing or art making, among a host of precedents and successors to the way verbal and written exchanges are encoded and decoded.

Overly simplistic, one might object, to propose without acknowledgement of the complexity to prepare, implement and share a novel methodology among hugely diverse populations blabbering diversely.

Yet, the sun shines on all of god's creatures, at least those not underground, and for those sunlit it should be possible to use our brightest star to transmit to one another with unlimited brilliance and clarity our wish for them to get off our lawn, turn down the noise, be respectful, wear a mask, ratchet up blaming the opposition.